About the Company

Socon is a supplier of concrete forming and shoring equipment servicing heavy concrete projects, high-rises, power plants, bridges, water treatment plants as well as industrial and institutional projects. Since Socon was founded in 2008, our business model has been simple, attract and support service focused employees and offer quality products to our customers.  Concrete forming and shoring is a relationship industry that develops through trust.  Socon has established that trust by providing expertise and products in a timely and efficient manner.

Socon is a partner with ULMA Form-Works, Inc. for more information about ULMA click here.

Our Clients

The Company’s clients are typically large general contractors or large concrete subcontractors that build office buildings, hotels, hospitals, water treatment plants, power plants, stadiums and bridges among many other structures. SOCON provides a complete package of services that include rental or sale of equipment, engineering support, supply sales, labor, consulting, and on site field service.

Our forming and shoring systems help customers reduce both labor cost and equipment time accelerating the completion of projects and reducing construction costs.

Our Business Model

Our business model is very simple; maintain and attract service focused employees and offer quality products. Quality employees, managed properly, will enable the business to offer excellent service and support to its customers. Concrete forming and shoring is a relationship driven industry that develops through trust by providing products in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Market

The Concrete Forming and Shoring market is a smaller segment of the overall construction market. Most large structures in the Southeastern United States are built out of concrete requiring molds or forms to give the structure the designed shape. In order for construction companies to be efficient and cost effective, companies are moving to manufactured systems to help reduce labor cost and crane time so the projects can be finished in more quickly.

As competition increases, more and more contractors will be forced to use forming and shoring systems. SOCON has the expertise along with the proper products to capture a major share of this market.  

Serving the Southeast

Geographically, SOCON has established customers in a number of different markets including Georgia, the Carolina’s, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Florida. The primary target markets for SOCON are heavy commercial, industrial, water treatment plants, heavy civil, and stadium markets.