Aluminum Post Shores ALUPROP

Versatile, light, heavy-duty and possible to be used as shoring

Ulma’s Alu-Prop Shoring system
is designed to support small or large areas of deck slabs up to virtually any thickness and is well suited for beams and slabs as well as slabs with varying thicknesses.  ALUPROP is designed for the shoring of slab formwork systems and for reshoring.  Bracing Frames are available to join the posts to make shoring towers.  For more information visit or contact us at


  • Light aluminium prop
  • Long durability
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Captive Inner tube fixed to the outer tube with unintentional disengagement system
  • Easy and quick length adjustment
  • Prop can be braced. Bracing frames are easily attached to the outer tube of the prop with bracing hooks and wedges already built into the bracing frame
  • Additional height can be gained by putting prop on prop connected with the ALUPROP Clamp or with bolts.
  • The option of installing working platforms eases the erection of shoring structures and the handling and placing of the formwork at the top
  • The shoring structure can be assembled in horizontal position on the ground. Subsequent lifting and placing with crane can take place.