Timber Beam Slab Formwork ENKOFLEX

Timber beam slab formwork

ENKOFLEX is a beam formwork system adaptable to any slab type. The independent beams provide great versatility.

It’s adjustable to irregular geometries and to other formwork systems for infilling solutions.  For more information visit ULMAconstruction.us or contact us at info@soconformwork.com.


  • Easy and quick to erect
  • Few items: timber beams, heads, plywood and shoring system
  • Fulfills highest concrete finishing requirements. No concrete leakage
  • Great versatility for different slabs and heights depending on beam grid and shoring system used
  • ENKOFLEX can be supported with prop or shoring, depending on height
  • VM 20 timber beams: Cap protect edges against wear, tear, and humidity