Socon offers services in engineering, field training, and for a wide variety of projects.


Socon’s engineering department provides a full range of support services, including professionally engineered drawings, Socon shop drawings and pre-construction services assisting clients in the bid process.

The company specializes in projects where the concrete is critical to the success or failure of a project designing systems and solutions tha can greatly minimize both labor and crane costs.

Engineering + Planning = Success!

Field Service

Socon provides on site field service training clients in the proper use of the equipment. This helps to ensure a safe and efficient cycling of systems.


Types of Projects


  • Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Tunnels

Heavy Commercial:

  • Hotels & Buildings
  • Parking Structures
  • Mulit-use Facilities
  • Industrial Plants

Foundation Walls


  • Hospitals & Medical Labs
  • University Structures
  • Courthouse/Government Buildings
  • Jails & Prisons